Aircraft Data Viewer

Aircraft Specifications at Your Fingertips

What is the wingspan of a Boeing B757-200 with retrofitted winglets? Such questions are posed daily by airport operational staff, planners, engineers and many other professionals in the aviation industry. Aircraft Data Viewer provides the answer to this question and more. With an aircraft library presenting key data and graphical illustrations for more than 450 aircraft models, industry professionals need not look any further.

Access information quickly and easily

Relevant information such as aircraft dimensions, steering characteristics, door locations and jet blast impact can be viewed with ease. The location of ground service connections can also be found together with the type and position of the various aircraft service vehicles.

What’s New: New licensing options bring increased flexibility

As a resource, Aircraft Data Viewer appeals to not only those involved in the planning and design of airport facilities, but also operational staff on the ground. With the latest release, users can now choose between a Single license with either hardware (USB dongle) or software protection, or alternatively a Network license using software protection. Designed to increase flexibility, these solutions make it possible to easily share Aircraft Data Viewer within a department, between departments, or even between sites.

Aircraft Data Viewer Benefits and Advantages

Simple and efficient, right on your desktop!
Aircraft Data Viewer runs directly in Windows, without the need for any other type of software or CAD platform. Data can be stored as PDFs or sent to a printer, perfect for projects, meetings or presentations. Implementing a reliable shared source such as Aircraft Data Viewer is an easy contribution to safer airport operations.

Compare and rank aircraft characteristics with ease.
Aircraft Data Viewer allows users to compare the dimensions of up to five aircraft on the fly. In addition, aircraft can be listed and ranked on selected criteria such as minimum turning radius or jet blast impact.

Aircraft Data Viewer Live Webinars

Register today for a free, live Aircraft Data Viewer webinar presentation with our aviation specialist Product Manager. Come see how engineers and consultants have used the Aircraft Data Viewer on their airport retrofitting or new construction projects. Click here to view the upcoming webinar schedule.