AutoTURN 9.1 | The world’s most widely used swept path analysis software

The swept path analysis software trusted most by government agencies, top engineering consultants, and transportation design professionals worldwide

AutoTURN is the vehicle swept path analysis software of choice for transportation engineers, architects, and planners worldwide. Trusted in over 120 countries and available in 7 languages, AutoTURN is used to confidently analyze road and site design projects including intersections, roundabouts, bus terminals, loading bays, parking lots or any on/off-street assignments involving vehicle access checks, clearances, and swept path manoeuvers.

Design with Confidence

AutoTURN has been developed by transportation professionals for transportation professionals and is backed by rigorous engineering diligence and regular field tests. Why is AutoTURN referenced by leading transportation agencies? Because only AutoTURN gives designers the confidence and peace of mind they need to meet stakeholders’ demands for safety, accessibility, and social, economic and environmental impact.

What's New in the Leading Vehicle Swept Path Analysis Software

new AutoTURN version

AutoTURN is always moving forward with its technology, making it the vehicle swept path analysis software that engineers rely upon to get projects done on time on budget. Along with new standard vehicle libraries (including NACTO 2013), this version of AutoTURN adds the ability to customize 2D loads and shapes giving our users more design options.

  • Watch the video for an overview of all the new features in the latest AutoTURN 9.1 release.
Advanced Design and Analysis Abilities

AutoTURN improves the user experience by creating a direct relationship between simulations and CAD geometry enhancing the quality of your overall design. Using live feedback, new comprehensive design and analysis tools lets you quickly update your vehicle simulations for more productivity gains early in the design process.

  • Place Adaptive Simulation: Link vehicle simulations with lines, arcs, polylines, and AutoCAD® Civil3D® alignments allowing the simulation to be automatically updated based on changes to the linked geometry.
  • Conflict Detection Analysis: Specify a layer/level that contains important geometry that should not interfere with your current simulation. Conflicts are highlighted where the vehicle envelopes cross the specified geometry.
  • Regenerate Simulation: Recreate a simulation accounting for changes to the obstacles that interact with the vehicle simulation envelopes.
  • Manage InVision: Ability to easily add and remove InVision presentation data within AutoTURN.
Specialised Transportation Vehicles

Our clients have seen a rise in large scale construction projects and sustainability initiatives requiring specialized transport vehicles that need to navigate the roadways. When our clients talk, we listen. You asked for more specialized vehicles and now you have them.

  • New Specialised Vehicles including Wind Tower Trailer, Wind Blade Trailer, 19-axle Heavy Haul, Beam Transporter I and II, and Booster Trailer.
  • Specialised vehicle configurations available allowing independent rear steering including crab steering for supported vehicles.
  • Create and simulate driving manoeuvres for telescoping joint trailers. Telescopic joints are common for logging truck configurations.
  • New reporting tools include override/path angle information for independently rear steered vehicles.
AutoTURN Benefits and Advantages

Powerful visual tool
See firsthand how a vehicle traverses a path in live-animated simulations - ideal for design confirmation and client presentations. vehicles through sharp curves, navigate complex site obstructions, test a new roundabout or simply turn through an intersection.

Drive performance
Get more work done in much less time. AutoTURN's interface and editing tools dramatically reduces the amount of frustrating trial and error efforts. Vehicle paths can be changed quickly and easily - simply select a point, click, drag, and release.

Set design standards
Incorporate guidelines for minimum turn radii, transition curves, superelevation, and lateral friction from accepted standards like the AASHTO 'Green Book' and be confident in your evaluations.

Get superior control
Take on the most challenging vehicle access projects. Build special articulated vehicles, analyze speed, create multiple load point or add lines of sight. AutoTURN's extra features make it easy for further designing and planning work.

AutoTURN Extended Vehicle Libraries

Can't find the right lorry, bus, or car you need with AutoTURN’s supplied standard design vehicles for your site project? We've created an Extended Vehicle Library containing hundreds of specialty vehicles for different industries including emergency, construction, freight, and military. Click here to see a full list of available vehicles.

AutoTURN Training Options

Want to get ahead? Jump to the head of the class with AutoTURN training and become more efficient and productive in your daily work. Choose from self-paced training manuals, instructor-led online courses, or even an onsite classroom setting. Click here to learn more about AutoTURN training opportunities.