AutoTURN Pro 3D 9.1 | 3D turn simulation and swept path analysis software

Model, Analyze, and Visualize 3D Vehicle Swept Path Movement

AutoTURN Pro 3D is state-of-the-art CAD software that simulates 3D vehicle turning maneuvers on surface and mesh object terrains. Incorporating the trusted AutoTURN engine together with the patent pending process of generating a three-dimensional vehicle swept path envelope – engineers, architects, and drafters can design and analyze in 3D while accounting for the effects of different terrain, obstacles, and vehicle parameters.

Enter a New Dimension in Engineering

Going beyond simple vehicle swept path checking capabilities in a two-dimensional plane, AutoTURN Pro enters the realm of true 3D design and analysis. Engineers, architects, and drafters can confidently work on multifaceted projects and complex design situations in a 3D environment involving vertical and underside clearance checks, detection of obstacle collision, and traversing challenging terrains.

What's New in this Version of AutoTURN Pro 3D

new AutoTURN verison

In this  release of AutoTURN Pro 3D, we've included many groundbreaking features making it the most advanced version to date.  With CAD technology advancement and the adoption of BIM for civil infrastructure, designers can use AutoTURN Pro 3D in their 3D modeling to evaluate vehicle overhead conflicts and, hang-up or ground issues at driveways, roundabouts, intersections, overpasses and rail crossings.  Check out all the new AutoTURN Pro 3D 9.1 features in action in a quick video summary.

  • Check out all the new AutoTURN Pro 3D 9.1 features in action in a quick video summary.
Accommodating Designs in the 3D Era

With the growing use of BIM (Building Information Modeling) and VDC (Virtual Design and Construction) in today’s industry, more engineers are incorporating these principals for designing and creating visualization in a three-dimensional space.

autoturn 3d template

Developed with these initiatives in mind, AutoTURN Pro 3D enables users to create and analyze vehicle swept path simulations in a 3D CAD environment. Together with the ability to illustrate vehicle spatial requirements for ground and overhead clearance in 3D – design conflicts and construction issues can be quickly identified at an early stage in the project when they are easier to resolve. AutoTURN Pro 3D can optimize roadway and site projects by:

  • Increasing design efficiency and productivity
  • Accounting for safety factors in the design process
  • Minimizing manual checking of 2D drawings
  • Decreasing design errors and omissions
  • Reducing general work hour design costs
AutoTURN Pro 3D Benefits and Advantages

AutoTURN was first developed in 1991 and set the standard for CAD software of its kind. Twenty years later, Transoft Solutions has once again pioneered a new path for the AEC industry to design and analyze vehicle simulations in 3D, providing even more realistic and reliable results than ever before.

Powerful 3D visual tool
See firsthand how a vehicle traverses a path in live-animated simulations - ideal for design confirmation and client presentations. vehicles through sharp curves, navigate complex site obstructions, test a new roundabout or simply turn through an intersection.

Drive performance
Get more work done in much less time. AutoTURN's interface and editing tools dramatically reduces the amount of frustrating trial and error efforts. Vehicle paths can be changed quickly and easily - simply select a point, click, drag, and release.

Set design standards
Incorporate guidelines for minimum turn radii, transition curves, superelevation, and lateral friction from accepted standards like the AASHTO 'Green Book' and be confident in your evaluations.

AutoTURN Pro 3D - Extended Vehicle Libraries

Can't find the right truck, bus, or car you need with AutoTURN’s supplied standard design vehicles for your site project? We've created an Extended Vehicle Library containing hundreds of specialty vehicles for different industries including emergency, construction, freight, and military
(Note: AutoTURN Extended Vehicle Libraries contain only 2D vehicle profile and realistic plan views.)

Click here to see a full list of available vehicles.