AutoTURN Rail 3D (New Release)

Advanced Light Rail Transit Analysis and Design Software

Incorporating the trusted AutoTURN engine, AutoTURN Rail 3D is an advanced rail design and analysis solution that expedites the clearance analysis for evaluating new track layout or verifying LRVs on the existing rail track. Beyond the analytical functionalities, AutoTURN Rail 3D can be used for visualization purposes such as animating realistic 2D vehicles plan views and 3D realistic vehicle model along the path.

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Light rail trains are designed to be people-movers, carrying commuters primarily on above-ground tracks to and from the city center quickly and cost-effectively. AutoTURN Rail 3D helps designers account for all the clearances a light rail train will encounter along any section of track. Once the designs are finalized, designers will use the software to check the safety of their concepts. What used to take eight hours of painstaking work will take a few minutes with AutoTURN Rail 3D.

Accommodating Designs in the 3D Era

AutoTURN Rail 3D

As railways become a more prevalent mode of transportation for goods and people, more infrastructure will be needed to accommodate increased ridership. Space is at a premium in many major cities, meaning rail lines will be built with very tight clearances, taking up as little space as possible. Designing in 3D will give planners a precise view of the right-of-way they need and ensure safe operations and accurate planning. A three-dimensional cross section in AutoTURN Rail 3D can highlight the following elements:

  • Top of Rail.
  • Track Rails.
  • Structure envelopes (if applicable).
  • Static envelopes of light rail vehicles.
  • Static inswings and outswings of light rail vehicles at curves.
  • Light rail vehicle dynamic envelopes.

Ask Us: Light Rail Vehicle Creation Service

Do you need to have a light rail vehicle quickly built to manufacturer's specifications for an important project? Our Project Support Services (PSS) is available for creating vehicles or libraries of vehicles. Click here to learn more about getting your special light rail vehicles through us.

AutoTURN Rail 3D Benefits and Advantages

All aboard to productivity
Ease-of-use is always standard with any Transoft Solutions software and AutoTURN Rail 3D is no different. Changes to the geometry are updated automatically, saving the planner valuable time and effort. With AutoTURN Rail 3D, Transoft Solutions has successful parlayed over 20 years of research and experience into another innovative spoke of the transportation wheel.

Less time means better designs
Designers are always looking for ways to save time. Multiple iterations of the same design cost the designer time and the client money. Without a software solution, designers have to manually develop cross sections for each section of track and then overlay clearance diagrams to assess conflicts. AutoTURN Rail 3D takes all the guesswork away and allows designers to explore more what-if scenarios without adding extra design time. Conflicts are highlighted and corrected in a fraction of the time the manual process requires.

AutoTURN Rail 3D Live Webinars

AutoTURN Rail 3Dwebinar Want to learn more about the capabilities of AutoTURN Rail 3D? Register today for a live webinar presentation and discover why AutoTURN Rail 3D is the ‘must-have’ application for rail engineers and consultants for their light rail projects. Click here to view the upcoming webinar schedule.