AviPLAN Turn 1.0

Accurate aircraft turn simulations in no time

AviPLAN Turn unites fundamentals such as a comprehensive aircraft and ground support vehicle library with intuitive step-by-step design tools to simplify the task of aircraft maneuver simulation. The software guides users through the process of selecting and placing an aircraft or vehicle in the drawing - either freely or using drawing geometry elements - through to animating the final design. Perform pushbacks, assess jet blast effects, review aircraft servicing points, run animations and create simulation reports - all of this and more with AviPLAN Turn.

For advanced airplane maneuver simulation and stakeholder presentations

For an even more powerful solution, including ground marking design, fillet design aids, movie presentations and more – check out AviPLAN Turn Pro.

Renowned market-leading technology at its core

AviPLAN Turn carries on where its predecessors, AeroTURN and PathPlanner Turn, left off to deliver a unique feature-set tailored to meet the specific challenges faced by today’s airside planning, design and operations professionals. AviPLAN Turn's functionality has been developed and refined over many years, and is the result of knowledge and input from in-house airport planning experts and developers as well as equipment manufacturers, airport operators and consultants from around the world.

AviPLAN Turn Benefits and Advantages

Advanced, intuitive and operator friendly
AviPLAN Turn Pro's powerful features allow users to define and adjust parameters such as aircraft or vehicle type, turn types and angles, path construction points and offsets, speed and much more "on the fly".

Flexible property handling
A convenient all-in-one Session Manager dialog is common to all AviPLAN Turn Pro commands. Elements such as aircraft service points, clearance envelopes, swept paths and jet blast profiles can be switched on/off and properties such as layers, colors, fills, line weights set - all from one always-accessible dialog.

Accurate, quality-controlled
All aircraft and ground support vehicles in AviPLAN Turn are subject to a strict quality-control process to ensure that simulation outputs and reports are of the utmost accuracy, both visually and technically.

AviPLAN Turn Training Options

AviPLAN Turn offers a feature set and range of capabilities that is unrivalled within the airport planning and design software industry. In order to assist users in maximizing their investments, a range of instructor-led training options are available:

  • Classroom (Public): Open to all users, these sessions are planned on a regular basis at different locations worldwide. Prices are set individually per seat, making them ideal if one or two people are in need of training. Public courses are also an excellent way to meet colleagues from all over the world!
    • On-site: An exclusive training session performed at a customer specified location/office by one of Transoft Solutions’ approved instructors. This format is ideal for clients that have more than 2 users in need of training. The duration and course content of each on-site training course is tailored to suit the individual client's requirements.
    • Click here to learn more about AviPLAN Turn training opportunities.

AviPLAN Turn Live Webinars

Register today for a free, live AviPLAN Turn webinar presentation with one of our airport planning specialists. See for yourself why AviPLAN Turn is the ideal CAD software for airside planning, design and operations. Click here to view the upcoming webinar schedule.