GuidSIGN (Version 6.1)

Powerful CAD Software for Creating Highway and Roadway Signs in Minutes

Build on the power of CAD to CAD integration with new tools ensuring consistency of designs with the flexibility to build custom content. Using drag-and-drop objects, intelligent letter formatting and spacing, the latest FHWA Series fonts and MUTCD standards together with panel and object libraries - nothing could be easier to design signs in only minutes.

Get into the Right Lane for Sign Design

For over 15 years, GuidSIGN has provided engineers a fast and easy way to design even the most complex highway and roadway signs. Discover for yourself why Australian DOTs and leading transportation consultants have to come to depend on GuidSIGN for all their sign layout needs.

What's New: Latest CAD Platform Compatibility With AutoCAD® and MicroStation®

guidsign template

  • This version of GuidSIGN features full compatibility with Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2016, Bentley® MicroStation® PowerDraft® V8i and PowerCivil® V8i. This release also includes additional standard route shields for specific regions and general content update.

MUTCD 2009 and Improved Object Movement and Placement

With GuidSIGN, designing signs has never been quicker with new tools that reduce repetition and let you design with consistency. GuidSIGN has now been improved with the latest traffic guidelines currently in place.

New US MUTCD 2009 Edition Support Includes:

guidsign template
  • Complete MUTCD standard color set with new support allowing RGB values to be used.
  • Panel styles for guide, street, exit, regulatory, warning, and construction signs.
  • Diagrammatic arrow types (multi-head, roundabouts).
  • Symbols libraries with both framed and unframed versions for different applications.
  • Exit panel shields for HOV, Toll, and Exit Number with full color symbol support.
  • Over 200 new templates specifically created for the MUTCD 2009.

Improved Object Handling and Design Features:

  • Point to Point snap for selecting key points on fixed objects in a panel design for precise placement of other objects.
  • Center in Panel feature for centering one or more objects in a panel between a vertical short line and a border.
  • Snap to border feature lets short lines attach to a border with needing a margins separation.
  • Short Line functionality updated allowing short lines to span panels as dividers or to dynamically resize with the panel while keeping a fixed distance from the borders.
  • Chevron panel design updated with the ability to set the radius for rounded or pointed end tips and new margin calculations for placement of the chevron symbol within the panel.
Plotting and Cutting signs with GuidSIGN

Sometimes disparity exists in how the finished sign should be designed and created because different needs call for different software: Many designers operate on CAD-based platforms which sign manufacturers may not use. If a sign manufacturer does not use CAD software, there's a chance the designer's files may be re-drawn prior to fabrication, meaning that accuracy (i.e. adherence to Federal standards) is compromised.

GuidSIGN offers a bridge between designers and sign shops.
GuidSIGN offers direct integration between a designer’s output files and the sign manufacturer’s own software. With the Export Sign for Cutter feature, you select which objects within a sign to cut, compress them to minimize material wastage, and export the file as a DXF, easily read by sign cutters (i.e. Roland and Gerber) and popular graphics packages. This minimizes the likelihood of sign recreation prior to cutting which, to designers, ultimately means WYDIWYG: WHAT YOU DESIGN IS WHAT YOU GET!

GuidSIGN Benefits and Advantages

No extra investments
From sign design to sign cutting, GuidSIGN has it all. Don't spend extra on software and hardware to transfer sign data to cutters and plotters. GuidSIGN's Export Sign for Cutter feature is the only tool you need to link designs with final output.

Cut design time
Drag and drop your sign objects where you want them. Just pick a panel, add text or symbols, drag them into place and you're done! GuidSIGN retains precision and provides control in one comprehensive software program.

Increase productivity
GuidSIGN takes care of the details such as letter spacing, border widths, and panel dimensioning. And with all the sign panels and standard signs at your call means you'll be done in a fraction of the time.

Design with assurance
Built-in federal sign standards and approved fonts ensure that you stay within specification requirements. GuidSIGN makes your job easier while maintaining your set parameters. This lets you focus on what you do best - design.

GuidSIGN Training Opportunities

Ready to take your sign designs further? Register today for GuidSIGN training to get your traffic roadway and highway signs done faster and with less hassle. Courses range from self-paced training manuals, instructor-led online courses, or even an onsite classroom setting. Click here to learn more about GuidSIGN training opportunities