AutoTURN InSite 2.0

Entry-level Vehicle Turn Simulation Software for Modelling Basic Manoeuvres

AutoTURN InSite provides cost conscious urban engineers and architects a simple and reliable option for performing vehicle simulations in the design of carriageways, loading zones, parking lots, and driveways.

Productivity on a budget

Using the proven AutoTURN technology trusted by engineers worldwide, AutoTURN InSite comes with just a core feature set making it very convenient and easy to use. Creating basic vehicle manoeuvres is a straightforward process in AutoTURN InSite – ideal for infrequent users and designers who do not want to outsource their vehicle access work.

Flexible to meet demands

AutoTURN InSite comes preloaded with four design vehicles for simple projects. You can also add on national standard and AutoTURN extended vehicle libraries of your choice to suit different project requirements.

AutoTURN InSite Benefits and Advantages

Easy to deploy and use
With only the core features and tools, AutoTURN InSite meets the needs of less complex projects quickly, easily, and backed by quality engineering technology.

Scalable to your needs
Work with only the national and regional libraries you need. AutoTURN InSite can be supplemented with standard design vehicles for use in more projects.

No training required
The intuitive user interface and basic functionality make for virtually no start up time or extensive training to get up and designing right away.

Do more with AutoTURN InSite
  • Low-cost alternative to full version with an easy upgrade path if you decide to switch later.
  • Includes trial vehicles with the option to purchase regional standard design vehicles.
  • AutoTURN InSite can be used with the full software versions of AutoTURN, TORUS for modern roundabout design, and NEXUS for roadway intersection design.
  • AutoTURN InSite is compatible with Autodesk® AutoCAD® versions 2007 right up to 2013.
Who should use AutoTURN Site
  • Small design / consulting firms, counties, and municipalities with limited budgets.
  • Designers and planners who anticipate a modest need for vehicle turning software.
  • Civil designers who have used static turning templates and want to upgrade to a dynamic and interactive vehicle swept path solution.
  • Specialized professionals including landscape architects, real estate developers, construction firms, pavement marking firms, and many more.