InVision 2.0 for Road Design

Sequence, Record, and Playback Vehicle Simulations for Engaging Video Presentations

Share your concepts more readily and professionally. Use InVision to animate, coordinate, and sequence multiple vehicle turn simulations and path movement at road junctions, roundabouts, and traffic access points; then export them to common video files for visual design confirmation and winning presentations for clients.

Show vehicle simulations from a realistic point of view

InVision features practical video creation and editing tools that allow users without advanced CAD skills or multimedia experience to take existing AutoTURN, TORUS Roundabout, and NEXUS Intersection content and produce informative AVIs. Presentations can be recorded and then played outside of the CAD platforms they were created in.

What's New: 3D Animation Capture and Viewing

In recent years, the engineering industry has seen a dramatic increase in the use of 3D in the design and visualization process. The latest version of InVision was developed to give engineers a competitive advantage by enabling you to convey your ideas in new and creative ways.

invision template
  • InVision now lets you to take rendered 3D vehicle simulations done in AutoTURN Pro 3D and create stunning, realistic animations for even more compelling presentations and videos. Use custom high definition, realistic 3D vehicle models and animations on full 3D terrains.
  • InVision provides multiple viewing options for 3D animation: Define custom static or mobile cameras, simulate driver eye view with mobile camera, simulate traffic camera with static camera, create panoramic, aerial or flyby views using custom camera and dynamically switch between views in the animation.
  • InVision can now support multiple rendering options (Wireframe, Shaded, and Realistic) done in different CAD platforms in animation, display, and video capture.
  • InVision gives you the ability to import, export, and save key data such as driver’s eye location and set camera locations in the drawing for future use.
InVision Benefits and Advantages

For presentations and proposals
Show how vehicles will move throughout a newly redeveloped carriageway, junction, interchange, or location to prove safety and traffic flow improvements.

For detailed traffic planning studies
Use visuals for traffic assessment, interchange, and congestion studies as well as to check for any conflict points.

Record events
Capture and display the routes of multiple vehicle simulations in a single presentation.

Video editing
Order, arrange, and timeline individual vehicle simulations for precise sequencing.

Animation commands
Follow, pan, zoom, and pause different vehicles as they drive around the drawing.

Save and show for later
Completed files can be saved into a compressed AVI for playback anytime using popular video players.

InVision Training Opportunities

InVision has self-paced training manuals available for purchase. Optimize the use of InVision and get training today. Click here to learn more about InVision for AutoTURN training.