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AutoTURN Extended Vehicle Library

Please enter your AutoTURN, AutoTURN Pro 3D (version 8.1) or AutoTURN InSite license number in the fields and click "Continue".

Where can I find my current AutoTURN license number?

Where can I find my current AutoTURN license number?

license in AutoTURN

Follow these steps to find your AutoTURN license:

  1. Start AutoTURN from the workstation
  2. Click the Program Settings icon from the AutoTURN toolbar
  3. Under the Select Category list, click Licensing
  4. Use the number displayed in the License Number section
License No.

You have entered an incorrect AutoTURN license number. Please check the number and try again.

Your license is over the maximum number of seats allowable for online purchase of the libraries. Please call 1.604.244.8387 and speak with an Account Manager for the current pricing.

  • All extended vehicles come with dimensions and specifications built-in.
  • Save time from having to source different vehicles and then recreate them in AutoTURN.

  • * Note: Only 1 and 2 part extended vehicles can be used within AutoTURN InSite.
    * Note: AutoTURN Extended Vehicle Libraries contain only 2D vehicle profile and realistic plan views.

A full installation of either AutoTURN, AutoTURN Pro 3D version 8.1 (or higher) or AutoTURN InSite version 1.0 (or higher) is required to use the extended vehicle libraries.