TORUS Roundabouts 5.0

The Definitive Software for Modern Roundabout Planning and Design

Take the creation of single and multilane roundabouts to another level of productivity with full control and feedback during the roundabout design process. Designing optimal roundabouts that meet traffic operations and safety objectives has never been easier.

Revolution in design for exceptional engineering

Powered by the trusted AutoTURN® engine, TORUS® uses the Vehicle Envelope Method® (U.S. Patent No. 8,650,004) of design to generate roundabout geometry with vehicle swept paths. This innovative approach allows for real-time, interactive designing and dynamically updates any changes made to the entire roundabout layout. Engineers with all levels of roundabout design experience will find TORUS invaluable for projects throughout the feasibility, preliminary, and planning stages.

What's New: Turbo Roundabouts and Adaptive Roundabout Designs
TORUS Roundabouts 5.0 Video

The next evolution in roundabout design

The new TORUS Roundabouts 5.0 release from Transoft Solutions takes the evolution of this software to another level with new features for designing turbo roundabouts and checking vehicle paths and fastest paths on circular or non-circular roundabouts. This new version represents the most sophisticated roundabout design software available in the industry. Designing roundabouts that meet traffic operations, site constraints and safety performance measures has never been easier.

Vehicle Sensitive Design for Customized Roundabout Layouts
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Setting the standard for modern roundabout creation, TORUS pushes the boundaries of engineering efficiency and flexibility. With improvements to the Vehicle Envelope Method and the introduction of the Vehicle Sensitive Design that uses enhanced customization of vehicle swept paths to model the geometry, engineers and planners can simultaneously plan, design, and analyze different roundabout configurations.

Key design features in the latest TORUS release include:

  • Vehicle sensitive designing - customize key roundabout features (truck apron shape and outer edges) to accommodate vehicle maneuvers
  • Extended central island generation using vehicle movement
  • Circulating lane change intelligence handling complex, multilane roundabouts (spiral lane changes)
  • Improved taper controls with entry and exit taper ratios allowing for lane widening
  • Grading model dynamic support for AutoCAD® Civil 3D® surfaces, corridors, and alignments
  • Design guidelines from FHWA and AUSTROADS for roundabout creation

See the new TORUS features in action in a quick video demonstration.

Bridging the Capacity Analysis Gap
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As the premier geometric design solution for modern roundabouts, TORUS continues its ongoing evolution by adding integration with SIDRA INTERSECTION 5.1 for capacity analysis. Users can now synchronize key geometric data and import capacity analysis information (fuel consumption, emission, costs, delay, capacity, speed, volume and queue) into TORUS.

With the new link, changes to the TORUS roundabout geometric parameters will update traffic flow and capacity values. Now designers can evaluate both the performance and geometry of a roundabout design together in a CAD environment.

Other major design features and improvements include:

  • Area Estimation Report: Choose different areas of the roundabout for quick cost estimations during the planning stages. Generate area reports within the different regions of a roundabout including: footprint, roundabout, inscribed circle, central island, circulatory roadway, truck apron, and splitter island envelope areas.
  • Angle of Visibility: Check the driver’s visibility angle between two approach legs for oncoming traffic (as recommended by the Transportation Research Board NCHRP Report 672 publication).
  • Polyline and Complex Chain Support: Polylines and complex chains can be selected as reference geometry allowing for curvilinear geometry in the design of roundabouts.
  • Dynamic Grip-point Control: Change a roundabout’s reference geometry (e.g. line, arc, polyline/complex chain) on-the-fly using grip points.
  • Fastest Path Algorithm Updates: Improved handling of curved approach legs and includes warning notifications when a vehicle fastest path fails to compute and why.
TORUS Benefits and Advantages

Enter a roundabout revolution

TORUS was developed over a course of 2 years by Transoft Solutions’ team of engineers working tightly with our software developers. Meticulous research went into the planning of TORUS involving both GPS field studies to support the algorithm development and continuous software testing to ensure quality and performance.

Patent pending technology

TORUS delivers a truly unique, time-saving, and productivity accelerating approach to designing roundabouts. Incorporating the AutoTURN engine, TORUS uses vehicle swept path movements and speed as the design criteria.

TORUS ‘drives’ the vehicles through the roundabout (applying the design guidelines for each major geometric element) to determine the layout as opposed to conventional manual methods where the design is first drawn and then checked using vehicle templates. As well, any changes the designer makes are automatically updated and applied to the entire roundabout.

TORUS Live Webinars

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